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1. In order to open the webpage without any mistake, please use IE browser 8, which supports javascript. 


2. Please LOG IN first with your User name and Password.



3. After login, you can click here to enter the training course and begin your study.


4.  Please study this course unit by unit.

When a unit is finished, there will be a check mark highlighting the unit you have learned.



5. Each UNIT has divided into SECTIONs and PARTs; the PART with PLAY sign has an audio file in it.



6. Studying page: When you are learning one part, you can look at the words below; it is part of the content according to the teacher’s audio.


7. The Chart on the right side records your study schedule.



8. After finishing one unit, please give a score for this unit here (“5” is the highest rank), we appreciate if you do it.



9. On the ride side of the studying page, there are some supplementary materials for help.





1. There are 55 questions in total. When you are ready, please click START to start your final examination.



2. You must take the final examination within 90 minutes. Here is the timing. When you click the START, the timer begins to work.


3. Submit your exam paper. And please notice that once you submit your exam paper, you can NOT make any more modification.